• Kahar, I got banned on CWAC again and I did absolutely nothing to earn the ban this time, nothing at all. Can you speak to Bane about it? Get on the chat here.

    I mean its not really "sockpuppeting" if all admins have been aware of who I am for weeks and I'm not currently evading a legitimate ban

    I didn't have an attitude, I'm not fighting with any users on the wiki and I don't plan on fighting with any ever again. (And if its about the "mildly amusing fairytale" comments, that is an injoke.)

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    • Ok. I'll ask Bane about it. I'll be on chat here (most likely afk, ping me when you get on). Oh and by the way lower your expectations for Age of Ultron. I've now heard from two people in foreign countries who've seen it (one of them trustworthy) that it isn't the best Marvel movie.

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    • Do not worry Kahar the business has been settled

      And I know a friend who knows a guy I dislike who saw Age of Ultron

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    • A FANDOM user
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